Age Is Just a Number!

Top Accomplishments:

  • Down 7% in Percentage Body Fat (24% --> 15%)

  • Max Rep Push Ups - Started with 5 --> now 35

  • Max Rep Chin Ups - Started with 2 --> now 13

  • 1 Rep Max Chin Up - 44 lb Kettlebell

  • Max Reps Knee Grabs - Started with 20 --> now 98

  • General health improvement backed by positive results in lab tests and doctor checkups.

  • Being able to realize this kind of improvement following a serious heart attack in 2009.

TFW: Describe the biggest differentiator between TFW and other fitness programs you have tried?

Steve: I really enjoy the TFW concept of small group training with an almost “personal trainer” attention given to individuals by the coaches. Most people left to their own devices in the “one size fits all” type of gyms won’t be able to gain the same results with, in some cases, the possibility of sustaining injuries from inappropriate unsupervised workouts. This program is effective and safer.

TFW: What keeps you coming back to the Dojo?

Steve: Positive results and a feeling of connection with the group training method. The blend of individuals lends to a feeling mutual support and reinforcement. No one need feel intimidated as the idea of “we are all in this together” is supported. Being on a sort of schedule as far as days per week of attendance, in my case 4 day/week (Mon Wed Thu Sat), many of the same faces are there and friendships form which also adds to the experience.

TFW: What are your greatest accomplishments inside the TFW dojo?

Steve: In general, the overall realization that “I can do this!” and the feeling of accomplishment as new PR’s (personal records) are established and exercises that were once difficult become easier. Many times the increases are subtle but they are nonetheless positive results. The mix of cardio, strength, and metabolic workouts in the program target individual areas that combine to an overall fitness result. I don’t feel that most people could accomplish the same results outside of this type of environment. I feel rather amazed that I’ve gone as far as I have at 63 years old. I guess it’s true that “your only as old as you feel”. Having said that, I would encourage anyone regardless of age (within the limits of general health and doctors recommendations) to seriously consider this program.

TFW: What lifestyle changes have you seen as a result of your time with TFW (as well as the impact it has had)?

Steve: Mostly, a more positive outlook on life and the confidence to live a more active lifestyle than I did before. Having experienced a heart attack that could have in all probability ended any type of lifestyle, I am so glad to have found this type of fitness program that is adaptable to virtually anyone's life story. Working together with a very proactive family physician, who very much supports the program, I feel better than I have in many years. In all fairness, I have another “Pro” in my corner as my daughter-in-law is a professional nutritionist who aids greatly in the food category of my overall fitness and wellness (She also designed TFW's Nutrition Plan!). The TFW training has become a regular part of my lifestyle and I look forward to great future as “Senior Citizen”.

TFW: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

Steve: I’m tempted to say “Just get out there and do it!” And as much as that is the real thrust of the issue, there are obviously considerations before beginning any physical training program. Especially for those of us in our Golden Years, a physical health assessment from a doctor should be considered. Having done that with a go-ahead from a medical standpoint, I would encourage someone looking to achieve and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle to talk about your goals with any of the coaches at TFW. The exercises in the program can be modified in many ways during the workouts to assist in gaining the maximum potential while minimizing any possibility of “doing it wrong”. Although most of the exercises are strenuous (they’re supposed to be!) none are impossible for anyone to do. The coaches are there to guide you. I always say, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it”. In this case, with the TFW program, “It works and everybody should be doing it!”

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