How Geno was able to lose 8.5% body fat (20lbs of pure fat) in 12 weeks after signing up with TFW!

Geno was no stranger to working out and staying fit, but like a lot of us, we end up getting in our own way when it comes to our own health and fitness. A combination of inactivity derived from injuries and poor nutrition habits had Geno feeling discouraged about his fitness and overall health.

Check out Geno's story below and (if you're ready and committed) you can be our next success story!

TFW: What is your favorite Exercise?

Geno: My favorite day was the Hurricane to include the sled push. At the end of the workout I would be exhausted and feeling the workout in my legs

TFW: What led you to sign up for the 8 Week Transformation?

Geno: I suffered two MCL injuries back to back, one on each knee, and my drive for physical fitness took a huge dip. For the first time in 14 years I ran my slowest 3 mile run in 24:48 and I than decided that I needed to boost my motivation again and went on line and found TFW less than 2 miles from my work and met with Colin.

TFW: Describe your early experiences at a TFW Group Training?

Geno: My first week was exhausting because I was trying to accustom my body back into shape.

TFW: Now at the end of the 8 Week Transformation, what will you take away from this experience?

Geno: Besides the workouts the main thing I will take from TFW are the proper exercise techniques and motivation that Coach Colin, Cecelia and London put us through. At the same time the memories of the people I workout next to and their motivation kept me pushing.

TFW: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

Geno: Patience and being committed will allow you to see results. Try not to step on the scale for the first 4 weeks and you will be amazed at the difference.

TFW: What was your greatest accomplishment, either physically or mentally during the 8 Week Transformation?

Geno: A major accomplishment were that my knees feel great because I can squat and sprint on them without the soreness. Most important my endurance is back and I will keep building on it.

TFW: Describe your nutrition prior to starting the 8 week Challenge?

Geno: Prior to TFW my diet consisted of sugar drinks, whoppers, papa johns, cookies and milk at night. OOO cant forget about the 12-packs of beer and tequila on weekends.

TFW: How did the 8 week Nutrition Challenge help you in reaching your goals?

Geno: Besides the milk I went cold turkey on all sugar drink products. Initially it was hard because when I would see a someone drinking a coke I would start scratching my neck (Jokingly) but never gave in. From November to now I have not eaten burgers from fast food or drank more than (4) beers in a month and no coke products. However I keep my calorie intake between 2000 - 2200. I realized if I eat the proper food I will not be as hungry and saw huge results.

TFW: What nutrition tip(s) would you give someone that is looking to make a lifestyle change?

Geno: A proper nutrition plan will help us being more active and less tired which eventually will allow us to have a boost if energy during workouts.

TFW: What do you want to accomplish next (Goal can be physical, mental, nutrition based, etc.)?

Geno: I have made huge improvements from start to now and there are (3) things I want to accomplish before July 1st. Drop to 170 lbs and maintain, drop body fat into single digits and build my legs up to climb Mt Fuji in July.

"I am appreciative of everyone from Colin helping me out on my sprints, Cecelia guiding me on how to properly deadlift and London by pushing me on the pull-ups. I was very appreciative from all the conversations, high-fives and motivation from everyone that attended the workouts. Ready to push and achieve my goals in 2018 and get my 3-mile run in 21 minutes or less." - Geno