Spotlight on Erik Henderson: A Motivator and Changemaker

Start Date: March, 25th 2016

Top Accomplishments:

  • Max Deadlift:455 lbs

  • +3 lbs of Muscle; - 8 pound of Fat; - 4% percent body fat

  • 17 Chin Ups in 1 Minute

  • Cholesterol Ratio dropped by 1.3 in one month!

Erik is a prime example of why the TFW is designed to get results! So many people put in lots of time and effort with little reward. Prior to joining TFW Jacksonville, Erik tried numerous forms of exercise including distance running and cycling, which simply did not get the job done. Not only did Erik build muscle and lose fat, he dramatically decreased his cholesterol, and blood sugar (no medication or additional exercise was used during this time). Although a couple of the Coaches question Erik’s choices in supporting Boston-based professional sports teams, we are absolutely thrilled to have him as part of our Familia!

We asked Erik a few questions about his experience since joining TFW:

TFWJAX: What makes the TFW system different from programs you've tried in the past?

EH: I grew up playing sports so when I decided to take up running at age 30, I thought I could figure it out on my own. Initially, I suffered several injuries by trying to increase my distance without proper training. Though I accomplished many of the running goals I set after enlisting the help of a friend and certified running coach, I still wasn’t gaining the physical fitness from running that I wanted. On my first day at TFW, I was getting pushed beyond what I could for myself in a corporate gym environment and I was receiving expert coaching at the same time. I hadn’t worked out with free weights in years and was intimidated because I knew I never really learned proper form and technique so I stayed away from them for a long time. At TFW men, women, old, young, new and experienced all get the specific level of instruction they need to accomplish what they want. I feel the perfect balance of group camaraderie and teamwork with individual attention.

TFWJAX: What keeps you coming back to the Dojo?

EH: I have built some incredible relationships with my fellow warriors and feel like I would let them down if I didn’t show to complete the workout with them! I also have a new kind of excitement about working out, like my body craves it each day. I rarely felt this way in my 8-10 years as a runner. The instructors are so inviting and friendly that I love seeing them each day and taking on their next challenge. I am over forty years old and there are some aches and pains that come and go, but the coaches always know exactly how to stretch and work them out. They often or provide me with alternatives to the days workout to allow them to heal. They truly take an interest in my goals and are always looking out for my well-being.

TFWJAX: What are your greatest accomplishments inside the TFW dojo?

EH: I really enjoy being a part of all the accomplishments all the warriors make on both challenge days and hurricane days! Nothing gets me more pumped than to be running sprints or going through a circuit while my “teammates” cheer me on, then switching roles and encouraging them. This type of motivation has helped me lift more weight, run faster than ever, and do more pull-ups than I ever thought possible at my age! I’ve deadlifted and squatted 400+ now and hope to break 300 on the bench at the next challenge day! I also remember Coach Colin asking me to do my max pullups on day one…I did 2, on the last challenge day…15!

TFWJAX: What lifestyle changes have you seen as a result of your time with TFW (as well as the impact it has had)?

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