Spotlight on Karie: Changing Her Own Health Destiny

Start Date: February 1st, 2016


  • 5 Minutes of War - Top 5 female finalist (Worldwide). Known as one of Training For Warriors’ most physically demanding performance tests, Karie placed in the top 5 out of thousands of female students.

  • Max Rep Chin-Up challenge: 11 Chin Ups (Could not do one when first started with TFW)

  • Weighted 1 Rep Max Chin Up: Body weight +36 lbs

Karie has had some major accomplishments since joining TFW. One of the biggest reasons is her overall commitment to fitness. She brings positive energy to the Dojo and is always ready to bring it! The Training For Warriors Jacksonville Coaches couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our Familia! We asked Karie a few questions questions about her TFW experience:

TFW JAX: Describe the biggest differentiator between TFW and other fitness programs you have tried?

KARIE: There are two huge differentiators with TFW … the people and the results. All my life, I have played team sports. Having the comradery and support of great people around you is key. Over the past nine months at TFW, I have come to enjoy the workouts, because there is such a great atmosphere of people pushing themselves and pushing each other. We sweat, we laugh, we cry (oh those hurricanes) we help each other reach our goals. We truly are Familia. But all of this is made possible by the most supportive and knowledgeable people, our coaches. Which leads me to the second difference in TFW, the results. Over the years, I have done group classes at numerous gyms, CrossFit and so many workout videos. None of them even came close to having the results I have had in my strength and well-being like TFW. The coaches are so attentive to our progress and give us the encouragement to effectively and safely push past our limits, coming out stronger and more confident on the other side.

TFW JAX: What keeps you coming back to the Dojo?

Karie: I keep coming back to the Dojo simply because I want to. I enjoy the people, I enjoy the varied workouts. I look forward to learning something new about fitness every time I step foot on that turf. And I won’t lie, I am competitive. I want to go to TFW each time to see if I can lift a little heavier, run a little faster, work a little harder than I did last time.

TFW JAX: What are your greatest accomplishments inside the TFW dojo?

Karie: I have had some great accomplishments inside the Dojo, but the most important is one you really can’t see. I have a long list of terrible family genes, and at my age I decided I didn’t want to follow down a path of doctors’ visits and medication. TFW has given me a renewed look on fitness and how to enjoy being healthy, because, quite literally, my life depends on it. Can I also add, beating Coach Colin in the 1 minute knee-grab challenge feels pretty good too.

TFW JAX: What lifestyle changes have you seen as a result of your time with TFW (as well as the impact it has had)?

Karie: The biggest lifestyle change since joining TFW is my overall health. I haven’t been in this good of shape since college, and sadly that was 17 years ago. When you are healthy, you are happy. I am a better mom because I have more energy, I am a better business owner because I can clear my head over lunch and return with a refreshed mind. I am also setting a healthy example for my children. I love hearing “I have muscles like Mommy!”