Spotlight on Lyn: Six months later and she is still accomplishing amazing things!

Start Date: April 4th, 2016

Top Accomplishments:

  • 1 body weight chin up (joined TFW not capable of doing one)

  • 11 push ups (joined TFW not capable of doing one)

  • - 56.2 pounds of pure fat and – 21.8% in percent body fat lost

We can’t say enough about Lyn and what she has accomplished in the last six months. During Lyn’s 8 Week Transformation, she lost 29 pounds of fat and gained muscle in the process. Since then, she has stayed committed to the program and has lost more than 50 pound of fat to date (not to mention she can do 10+ push ups and a chin up as well!) Watching someone transform the way they look is one thing, but watching someone change their entire outlook on health/fitness and knowing that it will be forever is on a whole new level. The TFW Jacksonville Coaches are so proud of you Lyn and we couldn’t be happier that you chose us as your Familia! Get to know more about Lyn:

TFWJAX: Describe the biggest differentiator between TFW and other fitness programs you have tried?

LYN: I have worked out at gyms, taken aerobics, cycling and dance fitness classes. I have tried running, walking and riding my bike. I have even tried P90X. I can honestly say that while I was able to lose a little weight doing those things, I was never able to reach my fitness goals. I think the biggest difference is the team of coaches at TFW. They have been there from day one to encourage me and to support me. Not only that, they have helped me realize my own potential. It's easy when you are at the gym or at home to stop because you are tired. It's easy to get comfortable with using the same weights. It's easy to shy away from a certain exercise because it's not your favorite or you don't know how to do it. At TFW, the coaches give you the confidence that allows you to push yourself further than you may have otherwise. Couple that with the fact that they are there to ensure you have proper form ... JACKPOT! Amazing how rotating the dumbbells a few degrees, sticking your hips out a little further or keeping your chest up and shoulders back can completely change an exercise. Oh the time that was wasted before doing things wrong! At TFW there is a detailed work out schedule everyday and they offer you a nutrition program to follow as well, but as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't be where I'm at right now without my coaches, and I doubt I'd be this fired up to keep going!

TFWJAX: What keeps you coming back to the Dojo?

LYN: My motivation to be fit! Not thin or skinny, but fit and strong! PLUS the people I'm surrounded by at the Dojo! We get up early, and sometimes we are even half asleep still when we get there, but we laugh ... daily! It's just a positive environment to be in and a great group to be a part of.

TFWJAX: What are your greatest accomplishments inside the TFW dojo?

LYN: Periodically before our workouts we have "challenges". These challenges were created basically to help us assess where we are at on our fitness journey and how far we've come. Since starting with TFW, I have been able to increase the maximum weights on my back squat, front squat and overhead press. My sprint time has gotten faster, my reps for sit-ups and sit-outs have increased and I can finally do more than 1 push-up. Real push-ups. On the inchworms I have gone from doing no push-up, to push-ups on my knees, to now a push up from plank position. I have gone from using 2 bands on the bar WITH a coach helping lift me up to the bar for chin-ups, to using one band, to doing eccentrics to weighted eccentrics to now doing one chin-up on my own! With all of that said, my greatest accomplishment is progress! I am way ahead of where I would have been had I never started!

TFWJAX: What lifestyle changes have you seen as a result of your time with TFW (as well as the impact it has had)?

LYN: I'm definitely living a healthier lifestyle. I try to plan my meals ahead, which makes it easier to eat healthy. I make myself breakfast at home or pack something for the