Meet Heather Knouse, an 8 Week Transformation Success!

Heather is a Julington Creek student with a tenacity to stay focused in order to reach her health and fitness goals. With her Warrior spirit, we know that it will take her no time to accomplish an unassisted chin up. Keep lifting heavy and sprinting, Heather! The TFW Coaches are proud of you! Get to know Heather's story:

8 Week Transformation Results:

Fat: -21.6 lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 4.6%

TFWJAX: What is your favorite exercise?

HK: If I have to choose just one, my favorite exercise is back squats. However, I enjoy many of the different exercises that come with the TFW workouts.

TFWJAX: What led you to sign up for the 8 Week Transformation?

HK: I was encouraged by a friend to try TFW during a free week promotion. I was completely hooked after my first workout! I knew that TFW was where I was supposed to be.

TFWJAX: Describe your early experiences at a TFW Group Training?

HK: Early on, I was a little shy during the group training as I was used to working out on my own. That shyness went away very quickly. Everyone is very friendly and motivating which makes you feel completely comfortable.

TFWJAX: Now at the end of the 8 Week Transformation, what will you take away from this experience?

HK: The 8 Week Transformation has helped me gain confidence in myself and my fitness abilities. You will get out of this experience as much as you put into it. The hard work and dedication are worth it! My habits are completely different than they were 8 weeks ago.

TFWJAX: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle?

HK: I would tell them to let go of the excuses and start the journey today! Getting started is the hardest part but it will be the best decision they've ever made!

TFWJAX: What was your greatest accomplishment, either physically or mentally during the 8 Week Transformation?

HK: When I first started, I was not able to sprint and had to do other exercises instead. Now, I may not be the fastest sprinter...but...I sprint!