Meet Jay Brown: An 8 Week Transformation Success

Jay recently completed the Training For Warriors Jacksonville 8 week Transformation program, so we asked him a few questions about his experiences. Check out this interview below!

8 Week Transformation Results:

-17.2 lbs of Body Fat

-5.8% Percent Body Fat

TFWJAX: What is your favorite exercise?

JB: My favorite exercise is the dumbbell chest press.

TFWJAX: What is your favorite healthy meal or snack?

JB: My favorite healthy snacks are unsalted nuts and sardines in water.

TFWJAX: How did you learn about Training For Warriors Jacksonville (TFW JAX)?

JB: I found Coach Colin when I did a search for personal trainers on Thumbtack.

TFWJAX: What made you sign up for the 8 Week Transformation?

JB: I knew that I needed to get in shape and change my eating habits. I was just looking for the right program and environment. TFW and the 8 Week Transformation Program seemed like the right fit for me. The coaches are down to earth, approachable, really know what they’re doing, and the facilities and equipment are top-notch.

TFWJAX: Describe your early experiences (or first impressions) at a TFW Group Training?

JB: I remember thinking that the coaches were challenging but fair. My classmates were friendly but focused. I just wanted to make it through the entire workout. I knew that it would be tough, but wondered if I could actually make it through that first week.

TFWJAX: Describe your nutrition prior to starting the 8 week challenge?

JB: I mostly ate fast foods, pizza and junk food. I would eat Baked chicken, rice, mixed vegetables maybe 2-3 days a week. I would go days without drinking water, but I loved my sodas and milkshakes.